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As my life gets busier I knit more...

It's been a while since this community's seen some action. :)

Since my school work and internship are getting more intense it's time to knit! I'd love to set something up with all of you to get together to knit. If you're interested comment below with your favorite date out of the three below.
Saturday October 28th at 3:00pm
Friday November 3rd at 3:00pm
Saturday November 11 at 3:00pm

As for location, I would like to suggest Portfolio. They already have a knitting group there on Wednesdays (?) I think so they're used to have us kintters around. I think this would be a good place to have it because it is easily visible as it is on the cross streets of Junipero and 4th street. Is this okay with everyone?

Later times are also okay for me, but I can't stay too late on Fridays as I have a meeting at 7:00 that I go to.

This would be a lot of fun folks! Let's get rollin' with our knittin'!

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hello all, i'm tracie and i'm new... seems this community's been a bit inactive for a while.. i hope perhaps we can bring this place back to life.
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I met sillyboho yesterday at Garden of Pan and it was nice. She had her child with her so she didn't get as much knitting in as she probably would have liked, but I'd totally be into meeting her and others again. Evenings would probably work best for me in the future.

Anyone else? Someone who can show me how to mattress stitch my currently flat object into a round one? :)
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chai_star by me

New here.

Hi, all! I just found this community through the CSULB community. I am new to knitting and only know the basic knit stitch. I also crochet and do needlepoint. Anyway, glad I found this community and am looking forward to reading more here.


so i was thinking i'd go to the knitting circle tomorrow...afterall it is a tuesday and i seem to be free...

but i came here to check the meeting time and I'm unhappy to see that it's not happening anymore. Doh! Must have missed the memo.

So, that in mind, I'm probably going anyway. I'll be at Garden of Pan at 11 AM or so (i'm nearly always perpetually late :) ). I'll be the one knitting the pink lace wristers. Still.

If anyone wants to go, it would be cool to have company. But as this is late notice and the organizer seems to not be able to make that time, i understand if i don't see anyone.

Mkay, let me know when the new time is. Evenings sound good to me, as I may be starting a new job in downtown LB soon which will require me to be in a 3rd story office for most of the day...
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anne - tudors

just wanted to post a little note

thank you woe_sis (and t.) for coming today and helping me with my sock. my brain hurts. this whole "pick up stitches" is confusing. i think i'm going to have to ship in someone who has done the pattern before to hold my hand. :P

hopefully we can find a good time to do it again.

ps: thank you for lettine me pick your brain. i can't talk about the whole pregnancy thing with anyone in rl without being considered nuts. only online! so that was nice as well.
anne - tudors

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this is what i want to do for my step mother in law for xmas or so.

so i'm starting this tonight for my son. he is currently obsessed with snails. i'm doing the striaght one first. he insists.

what is everyone working on? i think a knit along could be fun!

this is the last tuesday morning i can go to knit (hubby got a new job). i'll have to switch my day/time. could anyone who is interested in doing a s&b meeting leave a comment with the day and time they are available?
anne - tudors


today was fun, there were two of us, woo!

i am up to the part on my sock i need to turn the heel. does anyone here know how to do that? i can meet any time, i'm very flexible! help!