oh yeah? (sillyboho) wrote in longbeachknit,
oh yeah?

stash swap - edited with a pic

i have some stash yarn left over from knitting hats (wool blend, various colors) i spent abotu 6$ a skein xmas before last. i made thirteen hothead hats from s&b. i HATE my leftovers. i want to be rid of them, but i can't throw them away. does anyone have any stash yarn they'd like to swap?

i also have a skein of 100% wool lopi (the whole skien, just wound in a ball) i bought to make this in a nice rich olive green that i'd like to trade.

Image hosting by Photobucket
i've also got a set of 4 size 8 dpns (i bought two, i'm stupid. they cost me $3.50)

i really need some 100% cotton yarns, or baby yarns. ends and leftovers are fine, because i'm doing hats and booties. anything like sugar and cream would be AWESOME.
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