oh yeah? (sillyboho) wrote in longbeachknit,
oh yeah?

um, creation! meeting time, and a LYS review

so i created this because it seemed like a good idea.

i think i'm going to set an "official" tuesday morning meet for this coming tues april 18 @ 11am at garden of pan coffeshop (on broadway and alamitos).

if anyone has any ideas for things to add to the user info let me know. also, i want to do reviews of local yarn shops and maybe make a list.

the only yarn shop i've been to was the alamitos bay yarn company. it was nice, but very expensive, and i felt too young to shop there. the ladies who ran the store were, nice, but in a strained weird way. it cost me $28 for dpn's and SOCK YARN for ONE PAIR OF SOCKS. this was my first yarn shopping expierience in ca, so i haeve no idea if the prices were actually as high as i think.

knitting is great, and i love how busy it all. lots of posted FO's!
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i'll second your review of the Alamitos Bay Yarn Co. Wonderful shop with great shop-keepers, but so expensive. However, it seems that there are several such pricey yarn stores in the metro area. i'm a huge fan of Knitpicks.com online. Their prices are so much better...

There's another yarn store that i know of in Long Beach called Lis Cat. It's either on Naples or in Belmont Shore - that general area. i drive past it nearly everyday, but i can never really tell where Belmont ends and Naples begins, so forgive me for not knowing the exact local. The shop is TINY and also pricey, but lots of beautiful fiber to gawk at!
Hey there!

Thanks for starting the community!

I'm planning on coming to the meeting at garden of pan on tuesday. I'm also really excited about said meeting. I would make sure to post something about it in the Long Beach community as well.

I'm going to start another thread with my experiences about getting yarn and yarn stores in general... :)
i'll be there on tuesday morning.

and agree with your thoughts on ABY Co.