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so i was thinking i'd go to the knitting circle tomorrow...afterall it is a tuesday and i seem to be free...

but i came here to check the meeting time and I'm unhappy to see that it's not happening anymore. Doh! Must have missed the memo.

So, that in mind, I'm probably going anyway. I'll be at Garden of Pan at 11 AM or so (i'm nearly always perpetually late :) ). I'll be the one knitting the pink lace wristers. Still.

If anyone wants to go, it would be cool to have company. But as this is late notice and the organizer seems to not be able to make that time, i understand if i don't see anyone.

Mkay, let me know when the new time is. Evenings sound good to me, as I may be starting a new job in downtown LB soon which will require me to be in a 3rd story office for most of the day...
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