oh yeah? (sillyboho) wrote in longbeachknit,
oh yeah?

meet today

well, i was there at eleven, and i stayed til about one-thirty. i got 3 inches of sock and over a foot and a half of scarf done. yay me. also had a sammich.

should i try again next tuesday? did pick a bad time?
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it's a good time!

i woke up sick this morning...
hope you feel better!

eat ginger!
I have to start getting ready to head to work around 11:30 since I cath the train at 12. Maybe I can be the early shift. Do they serve breakfast there? That could convince me... :)

Nice work on your projects, that's a lot of knitting!
hmm, i can go ANY time any day, so i'm very very open. i'm a sahm and my husband works from home.

i'll find out what time they open! :

looks like they open at 7am. the sandwich i had was really good, i bet their breakfast is yummy.